Welcome to Colonial Presbyterian Church
Roanoke, Virginia

  Colonial Presbyterian Church

 Roanoke, VA

Sunday School

9:45 am

Morning Worship

11:00 am

Christmas Eve Services

2:00 pm - Communion Service

7:00 pm - Candle Light Service

               A Holiday Season

     of sights, sounds and sensations

Sunday                            Sermon Focus

Nov. 30                                  Lists

Dec. 7                                    Wonder

Dec. 14                                  Music

Dec. 21                                  Love

Dec. 24                                 Light

   Christmas Eve Communion - 2 pm

                        Candle Light -7 pm

Dec. 28                                 Babies    


   The Advent wreath dates back to ancient celebrations of the winter solstice - that time in the year when the sun reaches its southern most point in the heavens and the days are darkest and most gloomy. Because they longed for the return of the sun's light and life, the ancients stopped all usual activity, sacrificed the use of their wagon wheels and hung them up, festooned with lights and greens in their celebration halls.
   There they awaited the return of their sun-god, thinking of the warmth and life he brought. Celebrations culminated in the "nativity" of the sun - the turning point of the year.

   As Christians, we use the same meaningful custom to anticipate the feast of light and life: the nativity of the Savior. We add one light on the wreath for each Sunday in Advent. We think of the darkness after Adam's sin and watch the growing hope and light as the prophets and the Virgin help us prepare for this saving birth.


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